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About Us

Maison Royal Beauty Cosmetics: 

Founded on June 19, 2019

Maison Royal Beauty is a shop that helps beauty shoppers finds the best prices on all their favorite products. With such a wide range available in one place, we are the search engine for beauty lovers, providing everything they need from makeup to hair, grooming to skincare.

We are located in The Gate Mall, Qatar, and will soon open the second branch in The Pearl, Qatar. 

Maison Royal Fashion : 

Maison Royale retails exclusive and original Ladies' fashion, cocktail, and eveningwear to Qatar and Gulf department stores and multiple retailers, under La Bourjoisie Couture brand, Youssef Al Jasmi Couture brand, Nicolas Jebran Couture brand, Nfby Nour Couture brand, and Lamarquise brand.

Maison Royale has always been at the forefront of Qatar Fashion since it was founded and is acclaimed as one of Qatar`s leading fashion houses for Wedding Dress, Eveningwear, and Special Occasionwear. It proudly celebrates over 3 years of service in the fashion industry where we strive to offer exclusive, original, and feminine styles for the fashion-conscious woman of today.



Our shop allows the visitors to navigate with ease, aggregating their favorite products from the world’s leading brands and retailers. Our great team helps you to search for exactly what you want, comparing everything from brand, product, price, and more. 

We also make it easier for you to discover and explore products by providing relevant trends, and informative content across our social media and website platforms. Whether you’re looking for the next must-have beauty products or an effective skincare regime we are the ones who can answer you. 


 As a responsible, and leading retailer, we use our position to inspire and motivate people to make informed choices about the products they buy.