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Brand: MEMOIZE LONDON Model: Memoize 3
A voluminous white floral blend, white gardenia, rose, jasmine and ylang–ylang are infused with dewy green cyclamen and muguet blossoms. Closing the scent with a smooth base of amber and sheer musk underpin the blend. 100ml Extrait De Parfum, 25% Oil Concentrate...
Sensual and desirable fragrance of white tuberose, orchid and ylang ylang, with undertones of oak, tobacco, vetiver and leather, entwined with delicate notes of vanilla, caramel and musk.100ml Extrait De Parfum, 21% Oil Concentrate..
A beautifully complex fragrance opens with a fresh, fruity peach and lemon accord in its top notes, rich velvety rose and heady floral jasmine interwoven with warm spices, golden saffron and diffusive animal notes balanced with sensual woods of patchouli, cedar and amber in the base. 100ml Extr..
Model: Memoize 1
Moreish woods with unsparing jasmine, will leave you craving for more. An oriental blend of amber and patchouli, with sweet musk, interlaced with vanilla and spices, and a top note of citrus & herbs.100ml Extrait De Parfum, 20% Oil ...
Brand: Vertus Paris Model: Vertus Paris 8
A sharp awakening of a cedar tree with bergamot and thyme. The mysterious blend, whipping the excitement, creates its own balance. Eye-catching experience of deep luminescent, presents the courage of sandal tree. Here is a unique form of the incitements texture..
Brand: Vertus Paris Model: Vertus Paris 4
The heart pure white petals of jasmine and gardenia with grassy-marine aspects of seaweed. Base notes with patchouli, oakmoss, sultry amber and warm musk..
Brand: Vertus Paris Model: Vertus Paris 9
In the aromatic garden, an irresistible force interwined with saffron. A mystical journey from the purple shades of carnation to the desired experience of the fragrance. A tribute to your emotions from the surrounding mystery of amber...
Brand: Vertus Paris Model: Vertus Paris 7
At the mystical summit of contrasting cultures, a harmonious gathering of mirabelle and saffron. The rule breaker reality in the stunning power show of musk and tobacco. The depths of the night are on your palms. The sounds of fiery sparks touches your senses in the shadow shade of sandalwood tree..
Brand: Vertus Paris Model: Vertus Paris 2
The legend of amber launching an era with the stance against sharpness of time. The hardhitting cashmere is going to be your new favorite. The eyecatching potion beyond the scent will open the doors of the amber world. You have the control of the unique rhythms that surround the hearts..
Brand: Vertus Paris Model: Vertus Paris 3
The agarwood's elegant depth brings out the essence of courage. Demolish the walls of mediocrity with the seductive effect of jasmine. The mind captive deep tones of amber symbolizes fire. The original aroma of top notes makes memories unforgettable...
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Brand: Vertus Paris Model: Vertus Paris 14
 Vertus Sole Patchouli, a powdery and floral fragrance enhanced with sweet animalic undertones. Patchouli’s initial impression is crisp and fresh, mingled with green notes and fragrant, sweet woody hints of violet and orris root. Hazy, sugar-spun mimosa blooms in profusion at the heart, fused w..
Brand: Vertus Paris Model: Vertus Paris 1
The influence of mysterious breezes… Are you ready for the ruling effect of the mysterious breeze of east? Being the hero of magical stories is just for you. Destroy the borders forever with the charm of lemon, bergamot and ginger in one soul. Become the mysterious witness of cinnamon and violet’s d..
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